Paralenz Dive Camera

  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Paralenz Dive Camera

Paralenz Dive Camera



The Paralenz Dive Camera is as easy to use as a flashlight. Just point and shoot so you can enjoy the dive. Designed for divers by divers. Brighter and more colourful videos: Recordings made underwater are tinted green or blue, unless you use a colour filter. Paralenzs patented Depth-Controlled Colour Correction (DCC) automatically corrects the colours to match the depth you are at. Add some depth to your videos: Paralenz is the first underwater camera with a pressure sensor. It can display real-time depth and temperature as an overlay in your videos and pictures. Ditch the extra gear: Colour filters must be changed whenever you change depth, and they absorb a lot of the light. Paralenz doesn't need filters! It gives you all the light and less task-loading. Dive with no distractions: Paralenz has vibration feedback so you can feel what the camera is doing. No need to look at the display, as each function has its own distinctive vibration pattern. One button, many functions: Paralenz keeps it simple with just one button! For underwater cameras, magnetic switches are the best choice they work under any pressure and without penetrating the camera body. Just keep your gloves on: Pushbuttons on underwater cameras are too small and give too little feedback through your gloves. Paralenz' interface works even with thick neoprene gloves or mittens.

Built like a cannonball: Diving is a one of a kind sport that places extreme demands on the gear. Paralenz looks and feels like regular dive gear, is made from military grade aluminum and extremely durable. It's nice to know that your diving gear has a safety factor, that is why you can record and log your dives all the way down to 250 meters. This underwater camera is suited even for the extreme. Under water, the angle of the lens matches up perfectly with the size of the sensor, giving you warp free videos with nice straight lines but still angle enough to record almost everything in front of you. The underwater cameras large 1/2.5" image sensor is developed especially for low light by SONY. This, and the fact that you need no filters delivers brighter recordings than any other underwater camera.

Nothing beats good buoyancy control, and slow movement when it comes to getting steady videos from an underwater camera, but the EIS gives you a big push towards getting smooth video. Press the button once to take a photo or hold it to record video simple. Done this way, you edit by deciding what to capture during your dive instead of on computer just tell the story of your dive and share it right away. The patented auto-record automatically starts capturing video when you get to a set depth and stops when you resurface. This expands your battery life, eliminates the need to edit out boring parts of video and leaves you free to focus on the dive.

Auto, 3 different fixed white balance (WB) and DCC. Camera is powered by a lithium polymer 1600 mAh battery with a 3+ hour recording time (1080p 30 fps) and 2+ hours recording time (4K 30 fps), Still photo resolution is 8 megapixels and video resolution is 4k-30 FPS / 2.7k-60 FPS / 1080p-100 FPS / 720p-200 FPS. Connectivity is Wi-Fi (app connection), Bluetooth (future accessories) & USB 0.5" OLED. Video format is MOV H.264 codec and the storage capacity 64 GB or 128 GB Micro SD-card* (Class: U3 or V30) not included.

The camera measures 4.5" x 1.4" x 1.5" (116mm x 35mm x 38 mm), weighs 5.5 oz. (155 g) and the housing is made from aerospace-grade aluminum with titanium screws with an operating temperature of -4øF to 185øF (-10øC to 85øC) EVA padding (minimizing battery discharge in cold water). Camera has pressure and temperature sensors, internal microphone for audio recording and focal length of 2.66mm/16mm equivalent, FOV: diagonal 139.9, vertical: 73.9, horizontal: 123.5. Focal distance is 7.9" (20 cm) to infinity and the ISO range is Auto / 100-800. Camera includes a mask and universal mount, USB cable, wrist lanyard, spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant and a hard-zippered transport and storage case and owner's manual.

Important SD-card information:
    It is crucial to use one of the following 3 supported SD-cards, that are compatible with the Paralenz Dive Camera, and have been tested to perform well.
    • Sandisk Extreme Series
    • Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series
    • Sandisk Extreme PRO Series
    • Please note that Samsung micro-SD cards and SD-cards of other brands are NOT compatible with the Paralenz Dive Camera.

    Sandisk U3 Micro SD-card (Not included).

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    • Paralenz Dive Camera:
    • As-Easy-to-Use-As-a-Flashlight
    • Just Point & Shoot and Enjoy the Dive
    • Designed for Divers by Divers
    • Brighter & More Colorful Videos:
      Underwater Video Tinted Green or Blue, Unless You Use Color Filter
      Patented Depth-Controlled Color Correction (DCC) Automatically Corrects Colors
      Matches Your Current Depth
    • Add Depth/Temperature to Videos:
      Pressure Sensor
      Display Real-Time Depth & Temperature as Overlay in Videos & Pictures
    • Ditch Extra Gear:
      Color Filters Must-Be-Changed w/Depth
      Filters Absorb Lots of Light
      Paralenz Doesn't Need Filters!
      Gives All the Light & Less Task-Loading
    • Dive w/No Distractions:
      Vibration Feedback
      Feel what Camera Is Doing
      No Need to Look-At-the-Display
      Each Function Has Own Distinctive Vibration Pattern
    • One Button, Many Functions:
      Paralenz Keeps-It-Simple w/Just One Button!
      Magnetic Switches Best Choice for U/W Cameras
      Switches Work Under Any Pressure & w/o Penetrating Camera Body
    • Button Interface Works w/Thick Neoprene Gloves or Mittens
    • Built Like-A-Cannonball:
      Military Grade Aluminum & Extremely Durable
      Titanium Screws
      Depth Rating of 820' (250 meters)
      Operating Temperature -4°F to 185°F (-10°C to 85°C)
      EVA Padding (minimizing battery discharge in cold water)
    • Warp Free Videos w/Nice Straight Lines
    • Large 1/2.5" Image Sensor Developed Especially for Low Light by SONY
    • Press Button Once, Take Photo or Hold to Record Video
    • Patented Auto-Record Automatically Starts Capturing Video at Set Depth & Stops when You Resurface
    • Auto-Record:
      Expands Battery Life
      Eliminates Need to Edit Boring Parts
      Leaves You Free to Focus On Dive
    • Auto, 3 Different Fixed White Balance (WB) and DCC
    • Power:
      Lithium Polymer 600 mAh Battery
      3+ Hour Recording Time (1080p 30 fps)
      2+ Hours (4K 30 fps)
    • Still Photo Resolution: 8 Megapixels
    • Video Resolution: 4k-30 FPS / 2.7k-60 FPS / 1080p-100 FPS / 720p-200 FPS
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (app connection), Bluetooth (future accessories)
    • USB 0.5" OLED
    • Video Format: MOV H.264 Codec
    • Storage Capacity 64 GB or 128 GB Micro SD-Card* (Class: U3 or V30) Not Included
    • Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.4" x 1.5" (116mm x 35mm x 38 mm)
    • Weight: 5.5 oz. (155 g)
    • Internal Microphone for Audio Recording
    • Focal Length: 2.66mm/16mm Equivalent
    • FOV: Diagonal 139.9, Vertical: 73.9, Horizontal: 123.5
    • Focal Distance: 7.9" (20 cm) to Infinity, ISO Range Auto / 100-800
    • Includes:
      Mask & Universal Mounts
      USB Cable
      Wrist Lanyard
      Spare O-Rings, O-Ring Lubricant
      Hard-Zippered Transport & Storage Case
      Owner's Manual
    • *Important SD-Card Information:
      Crucial to Use One of Following 3 Supported SD-Cards
      Sandisk Extreme Series
      Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series
      Sandisk Extreme PRO Series
      Please Note Samsung Micro-SD Cards & SD-Cards of Other Brands are NOT Compatible
    • Sandisk U3 Micro SD-card (Not included)