Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's, Blue

  • Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's, Blue
  • Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's, Blue
  • Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's, Blue

Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's, Blue



The Bare 7mm Sport X-Flex Full Suit is a multi-sport full-stretch suit. This S-Flex is designed for those who enjoy all types of water sports and want the performance of a full-stretch suit - without stretching their budget. These suits set the standard in an entry level product, combining unmatched value with Bare's legendary fit and performance. As with every suit Bare design, the Sport S-Flex began with Bare-Fit. Bare's design team develops anatomically correct patterning for a 3D shape to achieve optimum movement. Then the in-house R&D Team tests the designs to ensure it perform to their expectations. Choice of material is also crucial. Bare's new S-FLEX Full Stretch Neoprene is soft and comfortable and easy to get on-and-off. All thicknesses provide unprecedented stretch and mobility. You will notice the feel and comfort immediately when trying the vest on. This vest is ideal for the price conscious multi-sport enthusiast who appreciates comfort and performance and can skip some of the extra features found in Bare's higher-end wetsuits.

S-FLEX is developed from a proprietary blend of neoprene that generates extreme levels of stretch for an easy in, easy out of the suit, improves comfort and mobility, and is wrapped in a buttery soft exterior finish. The S-Flex Suit has Armor Flex Protection on the knees extending the life of your suit while maintaining full stretch performance in the protected areas. Comfortable contoured 5mm Glide-Skin collar with hook and loop adjustment minimizes water entry through neck/zipper keeping you in the water longer. Extra-long heavy-duty back zipper with loop at base of zipper assists donning for easy in, easy out of the shorty suit. Seamless Underarms provide Superior Comfort. The suits seams are double glued with Secure-Lock constructed for comfort. The S-Flex 5mm nylon 2 neoprene full suit is available in multiple sizes and is black and blue in color.

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    • Bare 7mm Sport S-Flex Full Suit Men's:
    • Multi-Sport Full-Stretch Suit
    • Designed for Those Who Enjoy All-Types of Water Sports, w/o Stretching Budget
    • Full Suit Set Standard in Entry Level Product
    • Unmatched Value w/Bare's Legendary Fit and Performance
    • Anatomically Correct Patterning for 3D Shape to Achieve Optimum Movement
    • S-FLEX Full-Stretch Neoprene: Soft & Comfortable, Easy-to-Get-On & Off
    • Proprietary Blend of Nylon-2 Neoprene, Wrapped in Buttery-Soft Exterior Finish
    • Armor Flex Protection: On Knees Extending Life of Suit, Maintaining Full Stretch Performance
    • Comfortable Contoured 5mm Glide-Skin Collar w/Hook & Loop Adjustment
    • Collar: Minimizes Water Entry Thru Neck/Zipper Keeping-You-Diving-Longer
    • Extra-Long Heavy-Duty Back Zipper w/Loop at Base of Zipper Assists Donning
    • Seamless Underarms Provide Superior Comfort
    • Suits Edges: Finished w/Stretch Nylon Binding for Clean-Look, Improving Overall Appearance
    • Seams: Double Glued w/Secure-Lock Construction
    • Secure-Lock Construction:
      Improves Isolation
      Reduces Flushing
      Warmer & More-Comfortable Underwater
    • Available in Multiple Sizes

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