Lavacore Full Suit Ladies

$74.75 $299.00
  • Lavacore Full Suit Ladies
  • Lavacore Full Suit Ladies
  • Lavacore Full Suit Ladies

Lavacore Full Suit Ladies

$74.75 $299.00


Lavacore is a technically advanced fabric, constructed and engineered exclusively for water sports requiring the ultimate in thermal control and superior comfort. Thermal and neutral buoyancy properties create the ideal garment - under a neoprene wetsuit for added insulation and warmth or as a stand-alone exposure protection garment. The unique design of Lavacore materials eliminates constriction and allows for extreme movement and flexibility while regulating your core warmth.

Lavacore suits are made with an exclusive Polytherm Tri-Laminate. Ideal for use as a primary exposure suit in warmer waters or as a supplemental undergarment in colder waters. Windproof and breathable providing anti-wind chill properties while also drawing moisture away from the body on the surface, ensuring warmth in cold conditions. For the ultimate in warmth Lavacore's Merino Laminate, lined garments are super soft yet durable. Moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, the Merino fleece inner minimizes odour and keeps you warm above and below the surface.

Suit is DWR: Durable Water Repellant has flat-seam construction throughout for stretch and comfort, comfortable contoured collar with hook and loop adjustment, kneepads provide total flexibility, durability and comfort, a heavy-duty dual slider front zipper for easy self-donning-and-doffing, removable stirrups for use in active water sports and provides UPF 50+ protection. Suit comes with thumb loops and stirrups to prevent suit ride-up when worn under and exposure suit for layering. Suit is available in multiple sizes and is black in colour.

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  • Lavacore Women's Full Suit:
  • Technically Advance Fabric
  • Ultimate in Thermal Control and Superior Comfort
  • Constructed and Engineered Exclusively for Water Sports
  • Unique Synthetic Construction
  • Exclusive Polytherm Tri-Laminate
  • Merino Laminate Lined Garment
  • Water Resistant Outer Layer for Fast Water Run-Off and Quick Drying
  • Windproof Middle Layer for Anti-Wind Chill and Superior Warmth
  • Breathable Middle Layer Allows Perspiration to Be Drawn Away in Hot Conditions
  • 4-Way Stretch for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Slider Front Zipper for Easy Self-Donning-and-Doffing
  • Foot Stirrups & Thumb Loops Prevent Suit Ride-Up when Wearing Under Wetsuit
  • Worn by Itself in Warm Water or Under Exposure Suit for Added Warmth
  • Use for Thermal Layer and/or UV Protection 50+ SPF
  • Overlapped Flatlock Seams for Extra Durability and Warmth
  • Neutrally Buoyant
  • DWR: Durable Water Repellant
  • Colour: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

size chart

    Height Weight Bust Waist Hips Inseam
Size Dress
cm kg cm cm cm cm
3XS 4 145-150 27-38 71-79 51-58 73-84 63-68
XXS 6 150-154 31-43 76-84 56-63 78-89 66-71
XS 8 154-159 41-52 81-89 61-68 84-94 68-73
Small 10 159-167 50-61 86-94 66-73 89-99 71-76
Medium 12 164-172 59-70 91-99 71-78 94-104 73-79
ML 14 169-177 66-77 96-104 76-84 99-109 76-81
Large 16 172-180 72-84 101-109 81-89 104-112 79-84
XL 18 175-183 79-88 106-114 86-94 109-117 81-86
XXL 20 177-185 86-95 112-119 91-99 114-122 84-89