Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel (Multiple Colours)

$27.49 $54.99
  • Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel (Multiple Colours)
  • Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel (Multiple Colours)

Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel (Multiple Colours)

$27.49 $54.99


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The Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel is a semi-dry snorkel design with a splash-top. Sliding snorkel keeper for a custom fit, corrugated silicone flex section and mouthpiece that add comfort and lower purge exhaust valve. Designed for maximum performance both for scuba divers and snorkeler's alike. The semi-dry top prevents water spray and splash from entering the airway, and an easy purge one-way self-draining valve and chamber for any residual moisture that may enter the tube.

Snorkel has a contoured tube with flex section that allows the mouthpiece to drop away from the diver's face making this a great snorkel for scuba. The mouthpiece is removable and replaceable, and the snorkel comes equipped with a quick-release snorkel keeper for attachment to the mask strap. The snorkel delivers unparalleled breathing comfort due to the increased internal volume of the bottom housing. The Mares Rebel Splash Snorkel is available in multiple colours.

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  • Semi-Dry Top
  • Splash-Guard Prevents Water Entering at Surface
  • Contoured Tube with Flex Section
  • Flex Section: Allows Mouthpiece to Drop-Away from Divers Face
  • Great Snorkel for Scuba
  • Unparalleled Breathing Comfort from Increased Internal Volume of Bottom Housing
  • Removable and Replaceable Mouthpiece
  • Quick Release Snorkel Keeper
  • Available in multiple colours