Mares Prime BCD with MRS+

  • Mares Prime BCD with MRS+
  • Mares Prime BCD with MRS+
  • Mares Prime BCD with MRS+
  • Mares Prime BCD with MRS+

Mares Prime BCD with MRS+



The Mares Prime MRS+, comfort and style in a BCD that will amaze you, standard BCD with MRS Plus Mechanical Release System for Integrated Weights. The Prime BCD provides stowage for your octopus regulator and gauges, with roomy zippered pockets and 1-aluminium and 2-heavy-duty techno-polymer D-rings for accessory storage & attachment. The Prime's air cell is made from durable Cordura 420 nylon with a polyurethane laminated interior. The BCD has a rigid backpack system with handle. Prime is ideal for people who want to get started with their diving adventure.

The Prime is a Jacket Style BCD providing ample Lift with 31.3 lbs. to 52.9 lbs. (14.2 to 24 kg) of buoyancy in its size range. Shoulder straps, adjustable chest strap and a waist strap are all equipped with squeeze-style" side-release buckles that along with the adjustable cummerbund provide a custom fit and ease of donning/doffing.

Buoyancy control is established with the Ergo inflator and two rear quick-dump/over-pressure relief valves. The Ergo Inflator has been designed according to ergonomic guidelines. Intuitive to use and offers maximum grip, the Ergo Inflator comes standard with a 3/8" threaded low-pressure quick-disconnect hose. The MRS-Plus Weight System 13 lbs. (6 kg) Mechanical Release System in medium, large and X-large and 8.82 lbs. (4 kg) in X-small and small. A simple click ensures easy and secure storage of the weight pockets. A single outward pull on the oversized handle releases the weights. If you don't need to use the maximum weight load each pocket has Velcro dividers to eliminate weight shifting adding stability to your dive. The Prime weighs 6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg).

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  • Comfort and Style in an Amazing BCD
  • Stowage for Octopus Regulator and Pressure Gauge
  • 1-Aluminum and 2-Heavy-Duty Techno-Polymer D-Rings for Accessory Attachment
  • Air Cell: Durable Cordura 420 Nylon with a Polyurethane Laminated Interior
  • Rigid Backpack System with Handle
  • Great New Diver BCD
  • Jacket Style BCD
  • Lift: 30.8 lbs. to 52.9 lbs. (14.2 to 24 kg) of Buoyancy (Size Dependent)
  • Torso Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • Waist Strap with Adjustable Cummerbund
  • All Straps Equipped with Squeeze-Style" Side Quick-Release Buckles
  • Ease of Donning & Doffing
  • Buoyancy Control: Ergo Inflator and 2 Rear Quick-Dump/Over-Pressure Relief Valves
  • Ergo: Standard Inflation/Deflation Control Unit on Mares BCD's
  • 3/8" Threaded Low-Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg)
  • MRS-Plus Weight System:
    Mechanical Release System (MRS)
    Medium, Large & X-Large 13 lbs. (6 kg) Capacity Each Pocket
    X-Small & Small 8.82 lbs. (4 kg) Capacity Each Pocket