Oceanic VT4.1 Complete

$899.00 $1,899.00
  • Oceanic VT4.1 Complete
  • Oceanic VT4.1 Complete

Oceanic VT4.1 Complete

$899.00 $1,899.00


The Oceanic VT4.1 takes yet another step forward in continuing a reputation of ruggedness and reliability while making advancements in PDC usability. Out-of-the-box ready for your dive today and ready to follow you onto more advanced dives in the future. With Oceanic’s wireless transmitter, the diver can also monitor gas pressure from up to four independent cylinders – ideal for both technical diving applications and recreational diving.

  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes
  • Wireless Air Integrated Technology
  • Switch between up to 4 independent transmitters, tracking up to 4 Nitrox mixes and tank pressures
  • Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm
  • Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment
  • SmartGlo® Backlighting
  • Includes OceanLog® PC Download and Settings Upload Software and USB cable
  • Advanced User Settings and Options
  • Adjustable safety stop time and depth
  • Use With or Without Wireless Transmitter
  • Diver-Replaceable Batteries
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