Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top

  • Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top
  • Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top
  • Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top
  • Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top

Bare Ultrawarmth Base Layer Men's Top



Ultra warmth Base Layers provide more endurance, faster recovery and increase thermal energy with Ultrawarmth OMNIRED Infrared fabric? technology determined by the FDA as a heat recovery medical device to. Ultra warmth Base Layers seal in warmth and create a protective heat barrier. Advanced stretch-breathable fabric draws moisture away from the body to create a dry zone, while moisture is dispersed over a larger surface for quick evaporation. Ultra warmth Base Layers are essential to a diver's drysuit system and can include a mid-layer for additional warmth, keeping divers warmer and more comfortable for longer. High warmth-to-weight ratio delivers the exact warmth and breathability required for dive applications. Pullover design with low crew neck, low profile with retractable thumb loops to assist donning.

OMNIRED Infrared Technology applies 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the suit's fabric to convert outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back to your body. Infrared energy has been proven to improve the body's circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improve overall warmth and increase your time in the water. This process has been proven in strict scientific studies to outperform similar technologies. Designed to provide more warmth with less bulk, the Base Layer pattern is a form-fitting design. It improves comfort under all Bare dry suits by eliminating the bulk that often comes with excess material. Bare's 3D patterning results in the perfect fit for both men and women.

Advanced-stretch breathable fabric draws moisture away from your body and creates a dry zone, next-to-skin barrier. Moisture is dispersed over a larger surface for quick evaporation. 230-g (8 0z.) OMNIRED Infrared stretch fleece fabric has a smooth face for easy layering and a fleece-brushed back for superior warmth and moisture-wicking performance with Microban odour control. The versatility of Ultrawarmth Base Layers allows you to mix and match the top and pant with any drysuit system for men and women. Base Layers are the only drysuit undergarment in the industry with scientifically-validated and FDA-determined Ultrawarmth OMNIRED Technology, all while maintaining Bare's exceptional standards of fit, craftsmanship and Innovation. Top has flatlock stitched seams to minimize chafing, are black in colour and available in multiple sizes.

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  • Ultimate Dry Suit Layering Garment
  • More Endurance, Faster Recovery & Increase Thermal Energy
  • OMNIRED Infrared Technology
  • Suit's Fabric Converts Outbound Body Heat into Infrared Energy
  • Energy Reflects Back to Body for Thermal Warmth
  • 13 Thermo-Reactive Minerals Woven into Suit's Fabric
  • Infrared Energy:
    Proven to Improve Body's Circulation
    Increased Circulation Improves Oxygen Levels In Body
    Enabling You to Use Less Energy
    Improve Overall Warmth & Increases Time In-the-Water
  • Process Has Been Proven In Strict Scientific Studies
  • UltrawarmthBaseLayers Seal-In-Warmth & Create Protective Heat Barrier
  • Advanced Stretch-Breathable Fabric
  • Draws Moisture Away from Body, Create Dry Zone
  • Moisture Dispersed Over Larger Surface for Quick Evaporation
  • UltrawarmthBase Layers: Essential to Diver'sDry SuitSystem
  • High Warmth-to-Weight Ratio
  • Delivers Exact Warmth & Breathability Required for Dive Applications
  • Pullover Design w/Low Crew Neck
  • Low Profile w/Retractable Thumb Loops to Assist Donning
  • More Warmth w/Less Bulk, Pattern is Form-Fitting Design
  • 3D Patterning Results in Perfect Fit
  • 230-g (8 oz.) OMNIRED Infrared Stretch Fleece Fabric, Smooth Face for Easy Layering
  • Fleece-Brushed Back for Superior Warmth & Moisture-Wicking Performance
  • Microban Odor Control
  • Bare's Exceptional Standards of Fit, Craftsmanship & Innovation
  • Flatlock Stitched Seams to Minimize Chafing
  • Colour: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes