Hollis C45 Single Wing

  • Hollis C45 Single Wing
  • Hollis C45 Single Wing
  • Hollis C45 Single Wing

Hollis C45 Single Wing



Hollis Gear is proud to release the new LX Wing Range, developed and tested by technical divers and 3 years in the making. Quality and performance are the two most integral features of this product, which is why Hollis Gear has reintroduced the proven S Series and C Series Wings with key improvements. New materials include a 1680D Cordura for the exterior bladder and 420-nylon for the internal bladder.

The LX design also includes a 360° internal retraction system. This has been added to match the design of the wing, allowing for a streamlined rig at-all-times. Hollis has also added a new oval corrugated hose to the power inflator mechanism, redesigned overpressure relief valve (OPV) and corrosion resistant stainless-steel grommets to replace the mesh on the bottom of the wing.

The Hollis LX Wings have welded flange and one-piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools. Centrally located inflator mechanism elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference, lower left pull dump/overpressure relief valve and the inflator system is made from durable impact resistant plastic with a corrugated rubber hose. The internal components and inlet quick-disconnect nipple are made from chrome plated brass. The LX Wing is equipped with cam band slots for cylinder mounting. The wing is available in 2-models w/lift capacities of 45 lbs. (20.4 kg) or 60 lbs. (27.22 kg). Wing comes w/3/8" threaded low-pressure hose.

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  • HollisC Single Wing:
  • Developed & Tested by Technical Divers
  • Quality & Performance
  • 1680D Cordura Exterior Bladder & 420-Nylon for Internal Bladder
  • 360° Internal Retraction System
  • Streamlined Rig At-All-Times
  • Oval Corrugated Hose
  • Redesigned Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV)
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless-Steel Drainage Grommets
  • Welded Flange & 1-Piece Retainer for Servicing w/o Need for Tools
  • Centrally Located Inflator Mechanism Elbow Avoid Tank Valve/Regulator Interference
  • Valves/Inflator Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Internal Components & Inlet QD Nipple: Made from Chrome Plated Brass
  • Cam Band Slots for Cylinder Mounting
  • 2-Models w/Lift Capacities of 45 lbs. (20.4 kg) or 60 lbs. (27.22 kg)
  • LP QD Hose with 3/8" Threads