Hollis F1 LT Fins (Yellow or White)

  • Hollis F1 LT Fins (Yellow or White)
  • Hollis F1 LT Fins (Yellow or White)
  • Hollis F1 LT Fins (Yellow or White)

Hollis F1 LT Fins (Yellow or White)



The Hollis F1 LT Fins give Power without Compromise. The Hollis fin blends graceful movement, power, and lightweight construction. Meet the new standard in diving! The Hollis open heel F1 LT Fins use classic vented fin design with new age" technologies. Fins are equipped with spring heel fin straps with easy grip heel tabs and generous foot pockets for fast donning and doffing. Heel tab loops can also be used to hang fins for drying or storage in a dive locker. The Spring Straps have multiple strap mounting positions for a fine tuned fit. The strap mounts are also angled for comfort and a better transition of power.

Unlike the original vented fins the F1 LT Fins are constructed from lightweight SEBS compound for easy travel and durability. The vented blade design with unique channel on the blade tips reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade and focusing the flow of water for added power. The Fins are available in multiple sizes and come in all black.

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  • Hollis F1 LT Fins
  • Power w/o Compromise
  • Fin Blends Graceful Movement, Power, and Lightweight Construction
  • Material: Lightweight SEBS Compound
  • Classic Vented Fin Construction with New Age" Technologies:
    Vented Blade Design w/Unique Channel-On-Blade-Tips
    Reduce Stress, Accelerating Water Over-the-Blade
    Focus Flow-of-Water for Added Power
  • Spring Heel Fins Straps with Easy-Grip Heel Tabs
  • Heel Tab Loops: Hang Fins for Drying or Storage in Dive Locker
  • Generous Foot Pockets
  • Short Blade for Easier Finning in Confined Spaces
  • Straps & Foot Pocket: Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Multiple Strap Mounting Positions for a Fine Tuned Fit
  • Angled Strap Mounts for Comfort & Better Transition of Power
  • Color: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes