Enriched/Nitrox Air Diver Speciality

  • Enriched/Nitrox Air Diver Speciality
  • Enriched/Nitrox Air Diver Speciality

Enriched/Nitrox Air Diver Speciality



PADI's most popular specialty course - diving enriched air lets you safely extend your no-decompression limits, which means more time underwater and shorter surface intervals - so you can get back in the water sooner!!

The most common misconception about Nitrox is that it is for divers wanting to go deeper and that you need special equipment. However, nitrox is most beneficial at depths of 5 to 30m with NO special equipment required. A short course is all that is required to begin using nitrox immediately.

Course overview:

The course is divided into 3 segments:
1. Online E-Learning (Learn at home)
2. Classroom (Learning how to Analyse tanks)
3. 2x Open Water dives done in personal time

Why should I dive with Auckland Scuba?

  • We want you to enjoy your diving experience so you’ll come to love diving as we do.
  • Our instructors are passionate about diving.
  • We have regular dive trips throughout the year from our own boat (not charters). We believe that once you've learned to dive, you'll want to carry on so why not learn with a center that actually gets out diving?!
  • We have the best price guarantee. If you find a better price for the same equipment, we'll match it.


PADI Openwater Diver or equivalent
Minimum 12 years of age
Current Dive Medical (conducted within the previous 12 months)

Course cost 

Cost includes all e-learning training and reference materials, 2x Enriched Air tanks to complete 2x personal dives in your own time to become certified. 

What do I need?

Personal dive gear (Full Kit). Don't worry if you don't have this yet as you can hire it for $100, but for comfort, we recommend you have your own. Speak to us first before purchasing to be sure the equipment is appropriate.

How do I book?

To book on a course you can pay through iDive. We will then contact you via email or call to confirm your details and process your online course. We will confirm your classroom time and collection of tanks to complete personal dives.

  • Cancellation / Rescheduling – We do not accept cancellations and no refunds will be issued if you decide to pull out prior to commencement of the course or after the course has started, for any reason.

    However, your course can be rescheduled if you give us at least two weeks’ notice before the start date. Within two weeks of the course start date, a $200 rebooking fee applies. 

  • Additional Terms & Conditions – Additional terms and conditions will be sent to you to sign and return via email. If you have any questions or would like a print out of these please feel free to contact us.
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