Paralenz Speargun Mount

  • Paralenz Speargun Mount
  • Paralenz Speargun Mount
  • Paralenz Speargun Mount

Paralenz Speargun Mount



The Paralenz Speargun Mount has a perfectly balanced set-up. It's been designed for minimal drag through the water and so you can still quickly aim with a camera mounted on your speargun. It'll provide you with a unique view of your dives and an incredible direct viewpoint shot of your catch.

You can either mount the camera on the fixed T-rail or using the T-rail click mount. The fixed mount keeps the Paralenz in place under pressure so you can rest assured it's not going anywhere, while the click mount gives you the ability to remove the camera quickly and easily if you want to change your frame or move it to another mount or position. You can mount the camera on the bottom or the side of the Speargun mount depending on the perspective you want to get in your shots. This also enables you to position your Paralenz in the most unobtrusive way on your speargun.

Fitting both narrow and wider bodied spear guns, the Paralenz Speargun Mount fits almost all speargun models. The Paralenz team has designed the Speargun Mount to fit circular guns that have a cross-section diameter of 24-34mm or square guns with a cross-section width of 20-48mm. The mount is made from CNC milled anodized aluminum to ensure the finished product is a lightweight, perfect fit for your dive camera - so it's easy to take with you, wherever you want to go.

The Paralenz Speargun Mount includes a speargun mount, a T-rail tripod mount, and a T-rail tripod click mount, 2x screws (designed for use with longer spear guns) and 3x Allen keys.

Made using anodised CNC milled aluminium with poly-carbonate and stainless steel screws, the Speargun Mount weighs only 77g (2.5oz).

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  • Speargun mount for PARALENZ® Dive Camera+
  • Mount fixed or use the click mount
  • Weight: 77g (2.5 oz)
  • Materials: Anodized CNC milled aluminum, polycarbonate & stainless steel screws
  • Contains: 1x speargun mount, 1x T-rail tripod mount, 1x T-rail click tripod mount, 2x screws for longer spearguns, 3x Allen keys
  • All required tools are supplied
  • Speargun Mount for square guns 20-48mm & circular guns 24-34 mm