Oceanic VT 4.1 Wrist Computer

$799.00 $1,699.00
  • Oceanic VT 4.1 Wrist Computer
  • Oceanic VT 4.1 Wrist Computer

Oceanic VT 4.1 Wrist Computer

$799.00 $1,699.00


The Oceanic VT4.1 takes yet another step forward in continuing a reputation of ruggedness and reliability while making advancements in PDC usability. Out-of-the-box ready for your dive today and ready to follow you onto more advanced dives in the future. With Oceanic’s wireless transmitter, the diver can also monitor gas pressure from up to four independent cylinders – ideal for both technical diving applications and recreational diving.

  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes
  • Wireless Air Integrated Technology
  • Switch between up to 4 independent transmitters, tracking up to 4 Nitrox mixes and tank pressures
  • Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm
  • Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment
  • SmartGlo® Backlighting
  • Includes OceanLog® PC Download and Settings Upload Software and USB cable
  • Advanced User Settings and Options
  • Adjustable safety stop time and depth
  • Use With or Without Wireless Transmitter
  • Diver-Replaceable Batteries

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Switch Between 4 Independent Wireless Transmitters and Nitrox Mixes
The VT4.1 Wristwatch PDC is a sophisticated Personal Dive Computer featuring Oceanic's wireless air integration technology. A transmitter threaded into the first stage high-pressure port continuously sends cylinder pressure data to the wristwatch. Frequencies are individually coded to allow multiple divers to swim side by side without interference with other units, as well as allow advanced divers to monitor up to 4 independent cylinders and nitrox mixes. Because the transmitter and display module are independent and separately powered units, the receiver may also be easily used as a stand alone, non-air integrated dive computer.

Advanced Free Dive Mode
The VT4.1 provides accurate depth and time with an amazing 1-second sampling rate for subsequent PC download and analysis. Dive Time is displayed in seconds and minutes. Custom audible alarms include Elapsed Dive Time, Countdown Timer and (3) Independent Max Depth Alarms.

Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm
You're at 80 feet with 1300 psi remaining in your cylinder - how long before you need to begin an ascent to a shallower depth? Our patented Air Time Remaining feature calculates your current depth, breathing rate, cylinder pressure, ascent time, and decompression status to tell you exactly how much time you can remain underwater.

Full-Time Air Time Remaining Display
The VT4’s primary dive mode always displays approximate Air Time Remaining in 10 minute increments.

Dive Time Remaining
Dive Time Remaining, like Air Time Remaining provides a 'real' number in minutes, considering Air Time Remaining, Nitrogen and Oxygen absorption, and automatically displays whichever allows less time.

Turn-Around Pressure Alarm
The 'Turn-Around' Pressure Alarm is a unique patent-pending feature that allows you to pre-program an audible reminder when you reach 1000 to 3000 psi in 250 psi increments. This helps ensure that you return to your exit point with plenty of air.

Oversized Digits
Take the Oceanic challenge: When shopping for a new dive computer, compare the displays. When it comes to viewing critical information, which would you rather see at 30m?

Audible Alarms with Flashing LED Warning Light
The VT4.1 features a variety of system and user-customized audible alarms, alerting you to situations that pose a potential danger, or simply serve as a convenient reminder.

Audible Alarm Acknowledgement™
Have you ever had difficulty hearing your computer's audible alarm? Perhaps that little beep signifying a potentially dangerous situation was timed perfectly with your exhaust bubbles rushing past your ears. Or maybe it seemed insignificant as that huge manta ray soared overhead. You won't miss the VT4's audible alarm. Once triggered, the alarm will sound continuously for 10 seconds. We know what you're thinking. "That's nice, I'll definitely hear the alarm, but isn't that going to annoy me and everyone else in the water?" We thought of that too. The alarm's job is to get your attention so that you look at the computer. Once it does that, simply press the button and it will stop. You're a responsible diver and the VT4 treats you that way.

Air, Nitrox or 100% Oxygen
The VT4.1 acts simply as an 'Air' computer until you tell it otherwise, whether that is this weekend or 2 years down the road.

Switch between 4 Nitrox Mixes, to 100% Oxygen
As your training and experience grow, the VT4.1 is designed to grow with you, being easily programmed for up to three individual gas mixtures containing from 21% to 100% oxygen.

Oceanic Personal Dive Computer Algorithm
Decompression theory can be trusted only as far as it has been demonstrated by actual test dive data. In 1987 a unique series of experiments were conducted by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT). Commissioned by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), these Doppler ultrasound monitored human experiments conducted by Dr. Michael Powell produced the most comprehensive data set that exists for recreational divers to this day. These data were used to validate the PADI Recreational Dive Planner and are the basis of the algorithm used in all Oceanic Personal Dive Computers (PDCs).

Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment
When the Conservative Factor is set On, the no-decompression limit times are reduced to values equivalent to those that would be available at the next higher 3000 foot (915 meter) altitude.

"The Ultimate Adjustable Algorithm"
That's the way divers, instructors and Authorized Dealers refer to Oceanic PDCs. Our tissue loading bar graphs provide complete control of your margin of safety for each dive. Want to be a bit more cautious? Make it a personal rule to never enter into the caution zone; or stay one or more pixel away. Now you can even program several of our PDCs to do it for you with our patent pending Nitrogen Bar Graph Alarm; set it once and let the VT4.1 alert you when your bar graph reaches that level.

No Deco Safety Stop Prompt with Adjustable Depth and Time
An audible and visual alarm remind you as you approach your programmed no decompression safety stop depth and an automatic timer counts down to zero. As in any other dive mode, you still have access to other pieces of information, and there is no penalty should you choose to disregard the safety stop.

FastSetT User Interface
Speed through menu items and set modes easily and quickly with Oceanic's FastSet Menu and intuitive button operation.

Date and Time Stamp
The VT4.1 features time of day on the surface as well as underwater for quick reference. Time and date stamp also helps you to easily identify specific dives in Log Mode or PC download memory.

Alphanumeric Display
An alphanumeric "Message Box" is incorporated in the upper portion of the VT4.1 display to provide text and numeric readouts in simple, unambiguous terms. Imagine beginning an ascent and as the ascent speed increases hearing a warning beep from the VT4.1 as the message box alerts with the words "TOO FAST" while the red LED warning light flashes.

Automatic Altitude Compensation
The VT4.1 automatically compensates for altitude dives up to 14,000 feet, giving adjusted no-decompression times and depths. The VT4.1 even automatically recalibrates the depth displays for freshwater instead of seawater above 2,000 feet.

Diver-Replaceable Batteries
The VT4.1 and wireless transmitters feature diver replaceable batteries. This can be a real trip-saver on board a live-aboard boat!

Battery Hot Swap
Should you be in a tight spot between dives, the "hot-swap" feature allows you to change batteries between dives while maintaining all calculations.

24-Hour Fly Countdown and Calculated Desaturation Time
The VT34.1 features both a 24-hour countdown timer and calculated Desaturation Time, the theoretical time required to off-gas all residual nitrogen at sea level.

Depth-Dependent Ascent Rate
The VT34.1 features a depth-dependant ascent rate, allowing increased rates at deeper depths and providing additional safety as you near the surface.

SmartGlo® Backlighting
Want to verify your set mode options before your night dive? Press the side button to activate the backlight and go ahead! A small photo-sensor in the face of the VT4.1 analyzes the intensity of ambient light each time another button is pressed. If it’s dark, SmartGlo backlighting will be there for you when you need it, and it will preserve battery life when you don’t.

24 Dive On-Unit Log Book
The VT34.1 features on-unit data storage capacity for 24 dives. Date and time stamp makes locating and viewing a specific dive quick and easy .

History Mode
History Mode displays accumulative information for up to 9999 dives, 9999 dive hours and the maximum depth achieved. History information is maintained indefinitely, even if the battery is replaced .

OceanLog® PC Download and Settings Upload Interface
Oceanic's VT4.1 OceanLog PC Interface is an exquisitely detailed digital dive log. OceanLog allows you to easily transfer dive data from your VT4.1 to your PC via a plug-in USB cable. Following download, your dive data is automatically formatted for easy viewing, sorting, analysis, and printing. Enter location, dive buddy and your notes and you've instantly created your own digital logbook.

In addition to detailed dive analysis, the VT4.1 OceanLog PC Interface also allows you to quickly and easily set most of your user settings and options through your PC.

Gauge Mode
Divers using advanced breathing gas may utilize the VT4.1 as an advanced air integrated digital depth gauge and bottom timer with detailed PC Interface.

Split Set Mode Access
To make easy work of customizing your VT34.1, our user settings and options are organized in one of four set modes. Set F (FO2) includes all Nitrox settings. Set A (Alarms) allows you to activate and customize all audible alarms. Set U (Utilities) includes units of measurement, PC sampling rate, transmitter link codes, and conservative factor settings, and Set T (Time) includes date and time.