Zeagle Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console (Metric)

  • Zeagle Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console (Metric)
  • Zeagle Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console (Metric)

Zeagle Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console (Metric)



Zeagle is aware that divers need low-profile compact equipment to make them more hydrodynamic in the water and that their equipment be easy and light to pack when traveling. Zeagle's Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console is that and more accurate and reliable, Zeagle's analog instruments are used by divers everywhere. They feature large, luminous dials, easy-to-read numbers and gradations, and rugged construction. Now with updated graphics on the pressure and depth gauges.

The Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console comes with a solid brass cased reliable Bourdon tube design Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG), that has an easy-to-read 0 to 5000 psi readout with a low air in red indicator section from 0 to 700 psi for added safety. The Slim-Line depth gauge is a highly accurate, easy-to-read and reliable maximum depth indicator (MDI) type gauge with a maximum depth reading of 220'. The max-depth needle is pushed by the gauge depth needle until the diver meets their maximum depth. The MDI will remain there for the duration of the dive to indicate the diver's deepest depth reached during the dive. This feature allows the diver to not record that depth while diving yet will be available upon surfacing for later calculations for repetitive dives. The section of the luminous dial starting at 30' to 0' has red hash marks to add safety to the critical depths for safety and decompression stops.

The compass is also a highly accurate luminous instrument. Compass is liquid filled with a very quick response compass card. The instrument is also accurate over a wide tilt range. Compass is a dual-purpose compass. The convenient side scan window allows quick reference of large, easy-to-read bearing indicators for gun-sight accuracy. Or, for divers who prefer relative navigation, the ratchet bezel can be rotated easily even with thick neoprene gloves. The compass bezel has compass headings in 30° numbered increments and indicator marks for every 10°. Bezel has twin heading indicators for alignment of compass course and a dual lubber line across the compass face. All 3-instruments come in an impact and corrosion resistant compact console rubber boot with side eyelets for attachment of a clip or lanyard and a 7/16" threaded high-pressure (HP) hose.

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  • Zeagle Slim-Line Co-Pilot Console:
  • Low Profile, Compact, Hydrodynamic 3-Gauge Console
  • Updated Graphics
  • Easy-and-Light to Pack for Travel
  • Accurate and Reliable, Zeagle's Analog Instruments
  • Large, Luminous Dials, Easy-to-Read Numbers and Gradations, and Rugged Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant Console Rubber Boot with Attachment Points for Clips or Lanyard
  • Pressure Gauge:Zeagle Slim-Line 0 to 5000 psi SPG
  • Accurate and Reliable Bourdon Tube Design
  • Solid Brass Case
  • Easy-to-Read 0 to 5000 psi Readout
  • Low Air in Red Indicator Section from 0 to 700 psi for Added Safety
  • Depth Gauge:Zeagle Slim-Line Max-Depth 220' Depth Gauge
  • Highly Accurate, Easy-to-Read and Reliable
  • Maximum Depth Indicator (MDI)Type Gauge:
    MDI: Great Feature for Repetitive Dives
    Excellent for Logging Dive Information
  • Depth Readout: 0' to 220'
  • Red Hash Marks 0' to 30': Indicates Critical Depths for Safety & Decompression Stops
  • Compass:Zeagle Slim-Line Liquid Filled Compass
  • Liquid Filled with Quick Response Compass Card
  • Accurate Over Wide Tilt Range
  • Dual Purpose Compass:
    Convenient Side Scan Window
    Allows Quick Reference of Large, Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators
    Gun-Sight Accuracy
    For Divers Preferring Relative Navigation, Easy Rotating Ratchet Bezel
  • Bezel: Compass Headings in 30° Numbered Increments, Indicator Marks Every 10°
  • Bezel with Twin Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass-Course
  • Dual Lubber Line